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Suspect in 2013 carjackings that led to boy’s death could return to face Illinois charges

A year after police cornered him in a Milwaukee McDonald’s drive-­through lane, the suspect in a series of 2013 carjackings that led to the death of a South Side boy could soon return to Illinois.

Rockie L. Douglas, 35, became the subject of a manhunt by federal and local authorities after he fled the grisly scene of the Dec. 21, 2013, crash in the 5500 block of South Halsted that killed 11­-year-­old Donovan Turnage. Douglas was wanted at the time for myriad crimes throughout the Chicago area — including carjacking, robbery, theft, burglary and unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle.

Rockie Douglas faces multiple charges in Illinois.
Rockie Douglas faces multiple charges in Illinois.

He wound up facing similar charges in Wisconsin, though, and records show he spent 2014 in the Kenosha County jail. On Thursday, he pleaded no contest and was found guilty of theft and fraudulent use of a credit card, according to court records and the district attorney’s office there.

But Douglas’ sentencing was delayed so he “can face pending charges in Illinois,” records show. It now is scheduled for April 2.

It’s not clear where Douglas would go first if he were to return to Illinois. He does not yet face charges in Cook County for the carjackings that allegedly caused Donovan Turnage’s death, records show, but he is wanted for additional crimes in Cook and Lake counties. Sally Daly, a spokeswoman for Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, said that office has received no official word from authorities in Wisconsin. When Douglas is transferred to Illinois custody, “all appropriate charges will be considered,” Daly said.

Calls to Douglas’ attorneys were not returned.

Donovan’s mother, Annette, said Monday the loss of her son — one year ago Sunday — is “still real painful.” The boy died on her sister­-in-law’s birthday, she said, and the family celebrated both lives over the weekend.

Annette Turnage also said she understands why it has taken so long to bring Douglas back to Illinois.

“They did say he had a few charges that he had to answer to in Wisconsin,” Annette Turnage said.

Her family sued the Chicago Police Department in March, arguing that Donovan’s death was an “entirely preventable” tragedy that would have been avoided if police hadn’t given chase on a crowded street in the middle of the day. City lawyers have since indicated that the boy wasn’t wearing a seat belt.

Donovan’s father and older brother also were in the car, all on their way to get Christmas haircuts. Meanwhile, police were allegedly trying to pull Douglas over after they spotted him in a green Dodge Caravan they said he had stolen the day before on the North Side. Douglas fled and crashed into the SUV carrying Donovan and his family, police said.

That didn’t stop him from getting away. Police said he carjacked another vehicle nearby and escaped. That vehicle later broke down on a ramp from Interstate 294 to westbound Interstate 88, police said. But when a concerned motorist tried to help him, he allegedly took that person’s 2007 Honda Accord.

Douglas appeared to be driving that same car when police nabbed him at the McDonald’s three days later.