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Marshall: Raiola should be banned from NFL

Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall came prepared Monday with remarks about Lions center Dominic Raiola.

Speaking to Tom Waddle and Marc Silverman on WMVP-AM’s “The Brandon Marshall Show,” Marshall said Raiola should be banned from the NFL for stepping on Ego Ferguson’s ankle.

Raiola was suspended for one game Monday.

“One game? That’s terrible,” Marshall said. “If he breaks Ego’s ankle, and Ego never plays again, how much money does that guy miss out on? This is what he does for a living! He’s 22 or 23, he doesn’t even know his purpose yet. He doesn’t know what he’s gonna do after football. He’s still figuring out what life is about. His ankle is broken right now, OK, he can no longer play football. Now this guy’s life spirals out of control. So now not only does he lose out on his career earnings, but he’s having personal problems. It’s terrible. It should not be allowed.

“He shouldn’t be allowed in the NFL. He should be banned from the NFL.”

Ferguson wasn’t injured on the play but came off the field. He later returned to the game.

Afterward he didn’t want to talk about the play.

“None of that matters,” Ferguson said. “We all saw the play. You can’t take back what happened with that play. That’s the end of that.”