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$800K bond for Colorado man charged with cold case murder in Lake View

David Ramirez-Martinez. / Photo from Chicago Police.

A Colorado man charged with murdering a woman in Lake View more than 20 years ago was ordered held on an $800,000 bond on Monday.

Cold case detectives used DNA evidence to link 45-year-old David Ramirez to the death of Bonnie Boudouvas on May 14, 1994, according to a statement from the Cook County state’s attorney’s office.

Boudouvas was 28 when her landlord found her strangled with two steak knives protruding from her chest in the bathtub of her apartment in the 3900 block of North Ashland, prosecutors said.

Boudouvas’ roommate was married to Ramirez but the couple was estranged at the time, prosecutors said. The roommate went out with friends that night without telling Ramirez “because she knew he would be jealous,” prosecutors said.

Later that night, a downstairs neighbor called the landlord when water began dripping from the ceiling, apparently from Boudavas’ bathtub. The landlord found Boudouvas dead and lying face-up in the tub, prosecutors said.

A bloody towel from the scene was traced to an unknown male profile at the time, and recently was re-entered into a statewide DNA database and matched with Ramirez, prosecutors said.

A warrant was issued for Ramirez Thursday and he was arrested and extradited from his hometown of Boulder, Colorado.

Judge Maria Kuriakos-Ciesil set his bond at $800,000, the state’s attorney’s office said. He is next due in court Jan. 8.