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Select US theaters, YouTube to show ‘The Interview’

UPDATE: 9:55 a.m., Wednesday, Dec. 24 – YouTube will offer “The Interview” as a rental: report.

NEW YORK — Several movie theaters said they will begin showing “The Interview” Thursday, seemingly putting the comedy back in theaters after Sony Pictures Entertainment canceled its release.

The Alamo Drafthouse in Texas said on Tuesday that Sony has authorized it to screen the film starting Christmas Day. Atlanta’s Plaza Theater also said it will show the film.


‘The Interview’ to be available on demand today

More details and Chicago plans for screenings as announced

Representatives for Sony did not immediately comment.

Such a release would enable “The Interview” to open in select theaters and avoid the national chains that dropped the North Korea satire last week. Sony’s cancellation of the movie following terrorist threats from hackers drew widespread criticism, including from President Barack Obama.

The FBI has said the attacks on Sony came from North Korea.