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An incredible story about the Capitol Hill bathroom, as told by Michele Bachmann

If there was a tour on Capitol Hill focusing on the women’s restroom, outgoing Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minnesota, might just be the person to give it.

In her exit interview with CNN, not only did she go into great detail about how far away it is compared to the men’s, she also let everyone know the location of former President John Quincy Adams’ death couch. Yep, it’s in the ladies’ room.

And that ladies’ room, formerly a broom closet and now known as The Lindy Claiborne Boggs Room, is buried far away from the House floor.

“You have to go not only through Statuary Hall, and you have to go through kind of an anteroom, then you get down to the House of Representatives,” Bachmann said. “So it’s quite a ways.”

And about that Adams death couch …

“He’d been president, and he was asked to run for Congress specifically to fight against slavery. And he was all worn out, as most presidents are, but he was so moved by slavery he came back,” Bachmann said. “And for over twenty years, he stood over here, and every single day he stood up with his petition to stop slavery. And every day he was booed down and hated, hated, hated by his fellow Congressmen. Until finally at the very end of his life, he stood up again with his petition, and collapsed.”

“He was laid on a couch that’s still in here — that was the same couch, it’s obviously been redone, and he laid here for three days. Well now the interesting story is, this was a broom closet that no one knew, but on the wall is a bust of John Quincy Adams. And it said that he was serving here and he collapsed, he came, and it told the whole story about how he died on this couch while he was in the midst of fighting for slavery. That whole story was lost until this room was recovered.”