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EXCLUSIVE: Michael Keaton poses with Chicago Film Festival award

Maybe this will be how Michael Keaton will pose with the Oscar many people expect him to win in February!

Since the actor was unable to attend the ceremony on Oct. 24 when he was presented with the Founder’s Award by the Chicago International Film Festival during its big 50th anniversary celebration this fall, Keaton had a photo shot with his iPhone — and sent it off to festival founder and artistic director Michael Kutza.

While Keaton has since been nominated for or awarded numerous honors for his performance in “Birdman,” the Chicago award was the first one he received this year.

As described by Kutza, “The Founder’s Award is given to that one film or performance across all categories that captures the spirit of the Chicago International Film Festival for its unique and innovative approach to the art of the moving image.” The award this year was given to Keaton for what Kutza says was his “electrifying performance as an actor who hopes to revive his moribund career in Alejandro G. Inarritu’s daring comedy, ‘Birdman.’ … Michael Keaton’s performance in ‘Birdman’ moved me deeply,” wrote Kutza Tuesday. “It confirmed that Keaton is not only one of our greatest American actors, but one whose work will soon be reevaluated and further appreciated.”