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Rosie O’Donnell attacks ex-pal Stephen Collins

In one of the strongest attacks yet on Stephen Collins, Rosie O’Donnell wrote a scathing blog post that really socks it to the disgraced actor, a former O’Donnell friend who has admitted he sexually abused children. While Collins admitted in a recent interview with Katie Couric that his involvement with various young girls was inappropriate, many people — including the “View” co-host — felt his apologies didn’t seem to indicate he understands the damage he had inflicted on those girls.

Along with criticizing Couric for not being hard enough on Collins, O’Donnell explained on her website how her once-fond memories of the “7th Heaven” star had been shattered by the revelations. O’Donnell wrote how the abuse she suffered as a child still haunts her today. The actress and veteran TV host also mentioned how when she hosted Collins on her old TV talk show in 1997, he introduced her to transcendental meditation — something she still practices. Yet that positive addition to her life did not cause O’Donnell to pull back from her attack on Collins. In her blog post, the entertainer wrote that she was stunned that Couric was not as tough on Collins as she was in her now-infamous interview with Sarah Palin, when the former Alaska governor was running for vice president in 2008.

O’Donnell wrote that she expected Couric to “hit him with his truth right between the eyes to expose him for who he was,” as she had “saved us all then [thanks to the Palin interview] … this time she didn’t.”

O’Donnell graphically wrote about how being sexually abused herself by a man when she was 10 years old traumatized her so badly, she still finds “sex is not fun … not now … not ever … it is married to a lingering terror … joy evaporated.” She also wrote that she was sure that at least one of the girls Collins abused when they were young is still haunted by the horror of that experience, as she has been.