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Business Beat: Miller Lite ads; Wal-Mart gift cards; Want to buy an island?

New Miller Lite ad could be a beer drinker’s dream

Anyone who has dreamed of diving into a huge vat of beer might find Miller Lite’s new ads the next best thing to being there.

Don’t want that gift card? Wal-Mart might trade with you

Beginning Christmas Day, Wal-Mart is letting customers exchange gift cards from more than 200 retailers, airlines and restaurants for a Wal-Mart card.

Cards Against Humanity buys island, sells it in pieces

Cards Against Humanity bought a 6-acre private island in Maine and is doling out 1-square-foot parcels to participants in its holiday fundraising campaign. That’s no bull.

RV company expands amid industry rebound

BP appeals judge’s refusal to remove claims admnistrator

MG Global Holdings to pay $1.21 billion in restitution

The Santa rally holds; U.S. stocks eke out gains

Airbag maker Takata shuffles executives, cuts their pay

Applications for U.S. jobless aid fall to 7-week low

American Airlines offers employees 4 percent raises