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Brandon Marshall, ESPN host get into heated on-air exchange

Things got a bit heated between Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall and WMVP-AM radio host Carmen DeFalco on Monday afternoon.

DeFalco questioned some of Marshall’s actions this year, like calling a press conference and challenging a Twitter follower to a boxing match, and Marshall took exception.

By the end of their back-and-forth, Marshall had challenged DeFalco himself to a boxing match.

“You’re a clown,” Marshall said to DeFalco. “You’re a clown, and you shouldn’t be on the radio.”

DeFalco again questioned Marshall, telling him it doesn’t look good for players to be challenging people on Twitter to fights.

“That’s what you don’t understand,” Marshall said. “I’m gonna tweet you right now that I’m gonna box you. It’s Twitter bro. You think I take Twitter serious? … Like I said, you’re a clown. It’s Twitter. I’m calling you a clown because clowns think I’m gonna take Twitter serious.

“You take life too serious. It’s ok to have fun. I do it all the time on Twitter. If someone wants to act big, I play with them. I’m never gonna see that guy, unless I do.”

DeFalco asked Marshall what he meant by that, and Marshall responded “I’m gonna see you.”

“OK, that’s not scary, I’ve got to be honest,” DeFalco said. “All you’re doing is threatening, and you’re gonna say you’re just playing, but that’s threatening stuff, Brandon.”

After a few more minutes, Marshall asked DeFalco to go one round with him.

“Me and you, we’ll just get on the grass, put some gloves on and box,” Marshall said.

Marshall apologized to DeFalco at the end of the show.

“I got sensitive,” Marshall said.