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Brandon Marshall: some players never bought into Trestman

Brandon Marshall was asleep early Monday morning — the result of a 4 .a.m. feeding of his newborn twins — when his wife told him the Bears had fired two of his bosses: general manager Phil Emery and coach Marc Trestman.

“Driving in this morning — and this is my fourth time going through this in my 9-year career — it felt like I was going to a hospital to see someone that was dead,” he said.

Marshall didn’t sound particularly surprised by the moves, but praised both men. He said he was proud of Trestman’s “composure and his leadership” Monday, when he held a team meeting to address the Bears one more time.

“The best way I can describe (Trestman) is, he’s enlightened,” Marshall said. “He’s not the (Jim) Harbaugh that’s going to be on the sideline screaming and yelling.”

He said, though, that “some” veterans didn’t buy in when Trestman was hired.

“When change happened, a lot of guys didn’t respond well,” he said. “And that hurt us.”

He said, too, that the Bears’ offense might have become too predictable, based on what plays they ran from which formations. Marshall said he anticipates Jay Cutler will return next year.

He praised Mike Shanahan, his former Broncos coach and a candidate for the Bears’ job, though he stopped short of issuing a full endorsement.

“That’s not my decision,” he said. “I don’t have a voice in that. all I can do is put myself in a position …. Just to be ready, so that coach isn’t in the same situation that these (Bears) coaches are in (Monday).

“I loved playing for him. He’s one of those guys that, if you do your job and you’re being a man, he’s going to treat you like a man and you’re going to love it.”

He said he gave Emery a few long hugs Monday, and that the two took turns trying to take blame for the Bears’ lack of success. Emery traded for Marshall in 2012.

“He took a chance,” Marshall said. “People doubted me. they didn’t believe I was on the right track. He did his due diligence. He saw different. And now I’m here. I’m in a better place.

“I told him, also, he did a great job. I apologized. I said, ‘This is on us.’ And he said, ‘Nope this is on me.’”

Marshall said he trusts chairman George McCaskey to make the right decision.

“He lives it,” he said.