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Cris Carter: Cutler responsible for fate of Emery, Trestman

The Chicago Bears began their housecleaning at Halas Hall on Monday with the firing of general manager Phil Emery and head coach Marc Trestman.

But none of this matters unless the Bears also part ways with quarterback Jay Cutler, writes Bleacher Report NFL writer Mike Freeman.

Within Freeman’s column, Cris Carter offered a blunt, to-the-point critique of the Bears’ $126 million quarterback.

“The number one problem is Cutler,” Carter said. “If Cutler plays well, the general manager is there and the head coach is there.”

Here’s more from Freeman:

Cutler now faces the possibility of five offensive systems in seven seasons and the reality of three head coaches and three general managers during that span. At least, I think those statistics are correct. It’s hard to keep track of Cutler’s victims.

Around the NFL, Cutler’s reputation with coaches is beyond damaged. I’m no longer hearing the “I can fix him” gibberish that was once common with Cutler. The growing feeling is Cutler isn’t fixable. This belief is becoming so strong there’s a feeling from agents representing potential head coaching candidates that the Bears may have difficult time finding top-notch candidates because of Cutler.