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McCarthy says his office will review security at Emanuel's home

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said Monday his office will review security at Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home, following the recent mugging nearby of one of Emanuel’s children.

“We’re taking another look at it to see if there’s a way to improve it,” McCarthy said, addressing reporters at police headquarters.

But McCarthy, who was there to talk about end-of-year crime statistics, bristled at a reporter’s question about how his officers might have been better positioned at the mayor’s house.

McCarthy noted that the mayor’s son was not at his home at the time, but instead making a phone call nearby.

“The officers are sitting on the mayor’s house,” McCarthy said. “They are not sitting on the mayor’s neighborhood.”

McCarthy said he was frustrated that Zach Emanuel’s name had been made public.

“We don’t give out victim information, especially not a juvenile,” he said. “That information should not be out there.”

Emanuel’s 17-year-old son was robbed Dec. 19 across the street from his family’s North Side home, leaving him with a chipped tooth and fat lip, a source told the Sun-Times’ Michael Sneed.

McCarthy began the news conference Monday noting that overall crime is down 12 percent this year from 2013, although the number of shootings is up.

And as he does at most of his media briefings, McCarthy stressed the need to strengthen laws for illegal gun possession. He noted his officers have seized some 7,000 illegal guns this year, seven times the number in New York — a city with a population almost three times that of Chicago.