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Hillary should stop dithering

Blessed art those who are ready for Hillary Clinton, for they have the patience of saints.

Every day, they gather money and names and deep data to lay at her feet in preparation for her presidential announcement.

Every day, they chant, “We think she will, we think she will, we know she will, we know she will!”

And every day, they are rewarded with silence.

Not since Hamlet first strode upon the stage circa 1599 and dithered over whether he wanted “to be or not to be” have so many held their collective breath for an answer.

Will Hillary Clinton run? Well, yes, of course she will run. But the official line — to call it a strategy would be to give it more credit than it deserves — is that she is torn between her duty to her country and her love for her family. One of her possible future staff members (their numbers are legion) tried to convince me recently that she may not run in order to spend time with her new grandchild.

But if she were to run and win, I pointed out, she could be not only a helicopter grandparent but a helicopter grandparent with the full use of Marine One.

Yet, these are her wilderness months. She received a mere $14 million as a book advance. And she remains haunted by the memory of coming “out of the White House not only dead broke but in debt,” a memory in the same category of her undergoing sniper fire in Bosnia in 1996 — which is to say, sincerely remembered but actually fictional.

But now she must force herself to take private jets around the country to deliver $300,000 speeches, where, according to her printed requests, she must have lemon wedges, room-temperature water, diet ginger ale and “a platter of crudite and hummus in the green room.”

Many of her devoted followers are depending on her to announce for president no later than January and go out and campaign already. Legally, she could continue to give speeches for huge bucks while she pursues the presidency, but that might not sit well with the public.

So far, Hillary’s non-campaign campaign is based on three things: She is the inevitable Democratic nominee. She deserves the presidency. And there is nobody who can beat her.

All are arguable. All are insufficient.