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Romo calls: Tony vs. Jay? It will be a toss-up Thursday

On Thursday we learn the answer to a timely sports question.

Who is more Tony Romo-like: Tony Romo or Jay Cutler – “the Tony Romo of the Midwest”?

Chicago native and former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb gets credit for the label. He attached it to Cutler during a radio interview in October.

“He’s the Tony Romo of the Midwest,” McNabb began. “We can talk about arm talent, we can talk about being able to throw a ball through a wall. He can put up 280, 340 yards passing, but you look across the board he’s got two interceptions in a game that cost them 14 points or so. That hurts a football team.

“Can he play in this league? Absolutely, he’s proven that. But a quarterback is measured by your body of work, meaning your wins and losses record, the numbers you put up. And the end-all be-all is how many playoff wins do you have? How many playoff appearances do you have? If you only have one to show for almost a decade of play that means you can’t lead your team to the playoffs.”

Both Cutler and Romo made their first NFL starts in 2006. Both are turnover prone and have led the league in interceptions once. Both have a single playoff win to show for their 20 combined years in the league.

Last week, Complex Magazine named Romo the most criticized quarterback of all time. Jay Cutler was No. 4. They were the two highest active quarterbacks on the list.