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GOP chair blasts Obama for ‘worst record’ on federal debt

Reince Preibus has some harsh words for President Barack Obama when it comes to the federal debt.

Days after the federal debt surpassed $18 trillion for the first time, the Republican National Committee chairman says no other president has failed worse than Obama, says he has “the worst record of any president when it comes to putting America deeper in debt,” according to The Hill.

He also blasted the increase in debt as “immoral” and said the outcome in the midterm elections showed Americans are “tired of Democrats’ free-spending ways.”

While the national debt has increased by $7.3 trillion since Obama took office, Obama’s supporters say much of it came in the early years of his presidency as a carryover from a recession that began under George W. Bush’s watch.

Melanie Rousell, a spokesperson for the Office of Management and Budget, said that “since taking office, the president has cut the deficit by more than half, and the president’s budget policies would stabilize and reduce the debt as a share of the economy.”

Via The Hill