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Kirk Hinrich reacts to the scorn of Nowitzki

CHARLOTTE – Following the foul heard around the West Loop on Tuesday night, Dirk Nowitzki blasted Kirk Hinrich, saying, “… which in my 17 years is one of the dumber fouls I’ve ever seen.’’

It was Hinrich who fouled Monta Ellis with 1.2 seconds left in regulation on a three-point attempt, sending Ellis to the free throw line and allowing him to tie the game up. The Bulls would eventually lose in double-overtime.

Hinrich hadn’t heard Nowitzki’s comments, but when informed of them on Wednesday, said, “It’s alright, man. It was a pretty bad play, man.’’

Nowitzki backed down on his comments before the game in Milwauke, telling reporters, “I feel bad for saying it.

“I didn’t mean to put my man Kirk on the spot like that, because he’s a good dude.’’