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IHSA releases statement on concussion lawsuit, schedules press conference

The Illinois High School Association released a statement on Wednesday addressing Joe Siprut’s class-action complaint filed on Saturday in Cook County Circuit Court.

The complaint states the IHSA was derelict in its duties to protect athletes from concussions.

“We believe that since the IHSA began sanctioning football competition, the safety procedures and protocols in place for high school football have been on par with, or have exceeded, those that exist around the country, regardless of the level of football,” the IHSA said in a statement.

The statement continued: “While this lawsuit alleges that it exists to help aid in that matter, simply put, high school football should not be subject to being dismantled or reassembled. Those who oversee safety measures on a day-to-day basis are the people best equipped to address these improvements, not those operating within the courts.”

“At its core, high school football is not college football, nor is it the NFL, and for the vast majority of these young players this is the highest level at which they will compete. The IHSA bears that in mind as it continues to bring safer standards of play to practice, games and off-season workouts.”

“A lawsuit’s attempt to lump all levels of football together has far-reaching implications, potential repercussions that threaten the future of all high school sports for the millions of students around the country who annually benefit from their participation experiences.”

The IHSA will hold a press conference regarding the lawsuit at Lincoln-Way West on Friday at 11 a.m.