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The Chicago Sun-Times’ 10 most-shared tweets of 2014

Thank you – all 151,000 of you – for following the Chicago Sun-Times on Twitter this year.

In 2014, we cheered on Chicago’s Jackie Robinson West team in the Little League World Series, and we were awed by photos of our magnificent city. We were stunned by the news and images from Ferguson, Missouri.

Through it all, we tried to bring you the news you needed to know as quickly and accurately as possible. We appreciated your questions, your feedback and your eyes and ears across the city.

And we tried to have a little fun.

Here’s a list of the 10 tweets you retweeted and favorited the most this past year:

1. This AP Photo of police in riot gear approaching a man with his hands raised in Ferguson, Missouri.

2. Marriage equality becomes law in Illinois.

3. Benny the Bull’s unforgettable response to the Donald Sterling controversy.

4. When we started mapping Chicago’s violence with our weekend shootings tracker.

5. These incredible aerial photos of the Chicago River being dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day.

6. Jackie Robinson West wins the U.S. Championship at the Little League World Series.

7. Jimmy Fallon takes the Polar Plunge. Related: Jimmy Fallon makes this face.

8. This photo of the Blackhawks winning everything.

9. This Vine of waves crashing over Lake Shore Drive.

10. Getty photographer (as photographed for the Chicago Sun-Times by Alex Wroblewski) returns to work in Ferguson, Missouri.

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