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3 DVD workouts that were tops in 2014

I did weight training, stretches, ballet moves, yoga, dancing and lots more while trying out workout DVDs for Sue’s Morning Stretch during the last year.

Here are a trio that stood out:

In The Beginning ($19.99): This workout by Shazzy Fitness is billed as a Christian workout. I figured it would be a tad serious, staid. Oh boy, was I wrong! The music is so catchy and lively. And the workout? Probably the most professional choreography I saw all year. This is a high-energy, dance-based routine set to a hip-hop beat that anyone would enjoy. (Here’s my original review of it.)

MD Fitness: The Doctor’s Workout ( $24.99): When Dr. Tom Kleeman started looking for a workout DVD, he was disappointed to discover so many are aimed at the younger crowd obsessed with washboard abs. What he wanted and created — with wife Anne Anne Talbot-Kleeman, a registered nurse and certified personal trainer — is a workout that helps a person maintain strength, balance and fitness as he or she ages. This very thorough three-DVD set with easy-to-follow instruction is a good option for anyone who is aging and wants to stay in the best shape possible. (And here’s my original review.)

Longevity: Staying Power ($14.98): Tracie Long, who many might remember from The Firm days, is the force behind the Longevity series. The medium- to high-intensity routines combines cardio and conditioning using a handheld medicine ball and light weights. It focuses on quality moves, rather than quantity or speed. The result is an excellent full-body workout. (Check out my original review.)