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Cry of 'terrorism' fools us again

Sony hacking may have been an inside job, not North Korean terrorism.

The patriotic rush to judgment as to the source of the hacking at Sony shows once again the American knee-jerk reaction to anything labeled with the magic phrase “act of terrorism.” Security experts have been saying from the start that it was an ” inside job,” meaning a disgruntled employee or employees. But rational thinking gets trumped by patriotic blather once again. It is frightening how easily we are manipulated by corporations and the government to believe whatever suits their purposes for us to believe.

Edward Juillard, Morgan Park

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The Good News Bears

The news is always depressing: Shootings. Politicians doing wrong. Fires. People getting mugged. Well, on Monday the news was very good. Da Bears fired da general manager and coach! Keep the good news going.

Buzzy Cafarelli, Beverly

State’s spending priorities all wrong

How can the State of Illinois pass a law to fund the cost of kidney dialysis and kidney transplant services for people living in the state illegally? The state’s primary responsibility is to meet its obligations to legal citizens; that would include paying bills in a timely fashion and meeting pension obligations before creating expensive programs for illegal citizens. Wake up, pay your bills, honor your contracts, if any money remains, spend it with discretion.

Cathleen Bylina, Garfield Ridge