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David Accam explains decision to join Fire

David Accam had options other than the Fire. He was sought after by clubs all over the world, but chose to come to MLS and become a Designated Player and the Fire’s biggest signing of the offseason.

In an interview with Ghanaian show “New Day” posted Monday on YouTube, Accam explained the choice.

“For me, I had a lot of offers on the table and it wasn’t easy to choose Chicago Fire, but their commitment and the respect they showed me was the main reason I chose them,” Accam said. “Even though there was a lot of teams offering me more money, but the commitment was put in and they really needed me, so I have to choose them.”

Accam was then asked how he decided on his next team, considering how many offers he had.

“For me, you need to go somewhere you get playing time and need to go somewhere you make a great impact on your new (team),” Accam said. “You need to go to a team where they really need you and be the key player on the team, and that was the main reason I chose Chicago Fire.”