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Come what may, Cameron Diaz lets troubles ‘melt away’

Cameron Diaz had the kind of 2014 that would make anyone glow. She stars in the reboot of “Annie,” one of the holiday season’s hits, and her tome “The Body Book” is a best seller.

Now that she’s both movie star and wellness expert, everything can connect. Like her movie’s signature song. “If the sun is coming out, it’s time for sunscreen,” Diaz says with a laugh.

There’s a reason why the 42-year-old screen beauty refuses to be tortured by a cutthroat business. “The older I get, the more I understand that in life most of our stresses don’t really matter. I just let them melt away,” she says.

In “Annie,” she is stressing out the young foster child (Quvenzhane Wallis) as her bitter caretaker Miss Hannigan.

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“It was the best doing ‘Annie,’ ” she says. “It was great to give audiences a bit different version of Miss Hannigan. Back when Carol Burnett played her [in a 1982 film] it was a time where her Miss Hannigan was a failure because she wasn’t married.

“This time around Miss Hannigan doesn’t have good self-esteem because she missed out on her chance at stardom. She doesn’know how to love herself for her true self.”

Updating “Annie” was a welcome challenge. “I think the movie is really going to make people happy,” Diaz says, “because it retains all the things we wanted to honor from the original, plus it was a blast for me to do because I could push the limits.”

Speaking of which, she was a bit nervous about singing on screen. “It’s the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done for a movie,” she says. “I had to sing really horribly for ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ back in the day. It was part of the script. This time around, I had to sing and found out that I was pretty good.”

It’s a pretty good time all-around for Diaz, who is said to be engaged to Benji Madden, although she’s mum about the relationship.

She’s more forthcoming about her industry, one where women have a short shelf life.

“Why don’t people just try happiness as the ultimate way to look and feel great?” Diaz suggests. “It sounds so simple, but the truth is, great times with friends and family are what keep me happy.”