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Hey, CTA, slow down on LSD

A CTA bus on Lake Shore Drive is stopped by a police officer last winter.

CTA buses provide a valuable service, but doing so safely and legally must always be assumed. Chicago, we have a problem.

I frequently travel on Lake Shore Drive between Oak Street and Hollywood Boulevard and regularly observe many CTA buses speeding by at 60 mph or more in that 40 mph zone. So what gives? Why are they speeding? What should law-abiding motorists do? When did the speed limit become the speed minimum? The speed limit, like all laws, was not created to punish us.

The safety of our citizens trumps lawlessness and must always remain paramount. What should we do about this?

Leon J. Hoffman, Lincoln Park


Why crime is down in Chicago

The answer to your puzzle, as to why Chicago’s violent crime rate has dropped over 20 years, is fairly straight-forward. The decrease is because many of the major murdering gang-bangers are dead, in jail, moved to suburbs or elsewhere outside the city. The majority of “good shots” are in one of the above groups. Thus, the “bad-shot” gang-bangers are a majority of those left on the street. They are stupid, shoot at anything that moves and need to keep firing to hit their target. They do a lot of collateral damage, inflating the shootings stats. Chicago’s long-term decrease in crime must be adjusted for a big drop in population. That, in turn, will “reduce” the reduction!

Thomas Sharp, Lincoln Park