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Tea Leoni, Tim Daly heating things up on set — and off

It’s certainly a common thing in Hollywood — or anywhere else, for that matter — for people who work closely together to become romantically involved. That seems to be the case with Tea Leoni and Tim Daly of “Madam Secretary” on CBS.

Leoni, who recently divorced husband David Duchovny after a tumultuous marriage, portrays a fictional U.S. Secretary of State on the political drama. Daly plays her husband. The actor is also divorced from his ex-wife, Amy — to whom he was married for nearly three decades until they split in 2010.

According to Us Weekly, Leoni and Daly are dating in their off hours. The magazine cites a source claiming the duo are “having an amazing time filming. … Their chemistry on set is electrifying,” which is likely why the couple also have been seen strolling along in Los Angeles’ Venice area “with their arms wrapped around each other. They were definitely couple-y.”

• In other romance news from Tinseltown, the relationship between Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello is still going strong, but a source very close to the “Modern Family” actress stressed the recent ring-buying trip for the happy couple may have been exaggerated by media outlets. “They are very much in love and having a great time, but just because they bought rings for each other doesn’t mean they’re engaged — at least not yet,” added the source with a laugh.