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Jakobe Parker caps Vocational’s rally with game-winner

His first five 3-point attempts clanged off the rim or simply missed their mark. It took something of a miracle for Jakobe Barker to locate his accuracy.

‘‘I was trying to get something going to the basket, but the time was running out, and I had to take the three,’’ the Vocational guard said. ‘‘The ones I took early were missing, but I still had my confidence with the shot.’’

Barker’s shot hit off the glass, hung on the rim and curled in with two seconds remaining to complete a stunning closing run as the visiting Cavaliers scored the game’s final 11 points for the 50-48 victory over Hyde Park Thursday night.

Barker finished with seven points.

Officials recognized Hyde Park coach Antonne Samuels’ time out request and put two seconds on the clock. The Thunderbirds’ heave from just inside halfcourt hit hit off the glass.

Barker’s 3-pointer gave the Cavaliers’ 26 fourth-quarter points, more than Vocational managed through the first three quarters (24 points) combined. Vocational’s tenacity, the strong inside play of 6-7 Jordan Bell and the ability to creat turnovers changed the game.

Bell scored a game-high 19 points, registered 11 rebounds and recorded three blocks for the Cavaliers (4-0). He shot 9-for-12 from the field. ‘‘Just out there being aggressive and taking the ball hard to the basket,’’ Bell said.

Bell scored nine consecutive points for the Thunderbirds, part of a 13-point fourth quarter. His tip in with just over 23 seconds cut the lead to 48-47. Hyde Park tried a length of the court inbounds to pass over the Cavaliers’ pressure and threw the ball out of bounds.

Vocational forced seven of Hyde Park’s 19 turnovers in the fourth quarter. Hyde Park turned the ball over on four of its last five possessions as Vocational stormed back from a 48-39 deficit with just over two minutes to play.

“The turnovers just killed us today, and most of them were unforced,” Samuels said. “Up nine with two minutes left the game shuld be over, but the turnovers cost us.”

Vocational worked the ball down to six seconds as Hyde Park knocked it out of bounds. “We had a set play that we wanted to run for the corner and they cheated out and took that away, so Barker just improvised and made the right play,” Vocational coach Chris Pickett said.

Antoine Pike scored 14 points and grabbed nine rebounds. Guard Martin Oliver, in his first game of the year after missing the Thanksgiving tournaament with an injury, hit two 3-pointers to fuel a 18-4 Hyde Park run that put the Thunderbirds up 32-24 to start the fourth quarter.

Tajun Agee hit two fourth quarter three-pointers in adding 12 points for the Thunderbirds.

“When they made that run, we looked at the clock and saw that there was still a lot of time left,” Pickett said. “We saw that there was a lot of time, and our guys didn’t give up.”