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10 Question Marks: Does Trestman still have Bears’ confidence?

Jay Cutler wasn’t going to lie. There’s no point to when the Bears are 5-8, there are three long weeks left in the season and possible changes coming.

“After every loss early in the week, it’s hard,” the Bears quarterback said after the Bears’ 41-28 loss against the Dallas Cowboys. “It’s hard for guys to find the motivation, the energy and stuff to get going.”

That’s where coach Marc Trestman is supposed to step in. So that said, here are this week’s question marks.

1 Does Trestman have the support of the Bears’ brass?

“I don’t think it’s ever changed here by all the key parties that you’re thinking about,” Trestman said. “It’s been tremendously supportive, during the good weeks and bad weeks. And it’s been extremely consistent by everybody here.”

2 No, really?

“The only thing that people ask me here is what can they do to help,” Trestman said. “And that comes from all areas of this building. What can we do to help you along, and that support has been very heartfelt.”

3 Ok, so do the players still express belief in Trestman?

“I do, I do,” Cutler said. “I like our schemes. I like our coaches. … I’ve never lined up with this crew and felt this plan isn’t going to get it done or we don’t have enough.”

4 Damning statistic of the day Part 1?

The Bears have allowed 30 passing touchdowns this year. It’s the most in franchise history and there are three games left, which includes a matchup with quarterback Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football.

5 Damning statistic of the day Part 2?

After Thursday, the Bears have been called for 19 false starts this season and there are still three games left. Last year, the Bears only had nine.

6 Damning statistic of the day Part 3?

The Bears’ 28 points scored against Dallas were the most they’ve put on the scoreboard this season and a bulk of it came in the fourth quarter, which they entered down 35-7. The Bears’ talented roster has produced more doubts than points this season.

7 Did end-turned-linebacker Shea McClellin really grade out well on Thursday?

McClellin did in Pro Football Focus’ reviews. PFF actually gave him the best grade of all Bears defenders. According to game statistics, McClellin had six tackles, including one for loss. He also played 81 percent of the Bears’ defensive snaps.

In PFF’s analysis, it was all part of a positive trend for McClellin. The Bears’ first-round pick in 2012 has earned positive grades in his last five games.

8 Any other notable player trends over the last few weeks?

There are two bad ones to note. Defensive end Willie Young and rookie cornerback Kyle Fuller have had their issues in the eyes of PFF.

Young’s performance against the Cowboys, which included a shared sack with defensive end Jared Allen, earned him his first positive grade since Week 6.

Fuller has battled injuries and top-tier receivers during the second half of the season and it shows. Over the last seven games, he’s graded negatively in PFF’s breakdowns.

9 Is it time for safety Chris Conte to sit out the rest of the season?

Not if he wants to and is able to play. That’s what Trestman said about Conte, who left Thursday with a back injury and has missed time this season with two concussions, separate sprained shoulders and an eye injury.

10 Will the Bears do anything differently to prepare for the Saints?

The Bears are at an odd part of their season coming off consecutive Thursday games and having a Monday Night Football matchup next on Dec. 15. They are off Saturday and Sunday and Tuesday and Wednesday.

The time off will do the worn-down Bears some good, but Trestman also said his staff will “try to have an environment around [Halas Hall] where guys are loose and keep their sense of humor throughout the week.”


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