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Young’s lack of focus leads to loss against Memphis Southwind

Young’s performance in the first post-Jahlil Okafor game wasn’t exactly up to coach Tyrone Slaughter’s standards.

“We turned the ball over 20 times, and we missed 19 free throws,” said Slaughter. “I can’t believe we didn’t lose by 40. It was an incredibly disgusting performance.”

The Dolphins actually battled back in the fourth quarter and lost to Memphis Southwind 69-66 in overtime.

Rodney Herenton led Young (0-1) with 17 points.

“It was our first game, and it wasn’t perfect,” said Herenton. “It’s a bad feeling to let someone come in and beat you in your own city.”

Young trailed by five after three quarters and tied the game with 53 seconds to play in regulation on a free throw from Joseph Toye (11 points, six rebounds).

“We need to focus more,” said Young’s Anthony Mosley. “This was more of an off court loss than anything that happened on the court. We used to be a different type team, and this is going to take some getting used to.”

Done Dorsey led Southwind (7-0) with 24 points and Markylan Freeman added 14.