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Aussie rocker stranded here, after losing passport

Given the tight security surrounding all international travel these days, it’s not surprising that Michael Clifford, the guitarist with 5 Seconds of Summer, has been stranded in the U.S. since the hot rocker lost his passport. Without that all-important document, Clifford cannot leave the States— forcing him to miss the band’s gig at the big “Jingle Ball” concert in London on Sunday.

“So Mikey lost his passport That means he cant fly to the UK & has to stay in the US, so were playing #CapitalJBB as a three piece today,” announced the official 5SOS Twitter account. “We’re really sorry to everyone expecting to see the four of us on stage, we’re still gonna rock out so get ready to party! @CapitalOfficial.”

Captial FM tweeted, “Uh-oh… @Michael5SOS lost his passport and can’t fly in to see you at the #CapitalJBB.” The station also shared a video message from Clifford, that apparently was filmed at O’Hare Airport. In it the Aussie musician called himself “really stupid” for losing “the one thing that I needed to get to other countries.” “I’m so sorry I can’t be there,” said Clifford.

Word has it the Australian and U.S. authorities are rushing through the paperwork to get a new passport issued to Clifford, so he can rejoin his bandmates.