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Was this the quickest ‘pool spray’ in White House history?

It was over just as it got started.

As media gathered in the Oval Office for the “pool spray” featuring President Barack Obama and Prince William, they were greeted with a “thank you, pool,” which is the cue to head for the door.

And all around, this was one appearance where the White House had a tight grip on the situation, even issuing a warning against selfies.

More details from NPR’s Tamara Keith:

“Reporters were ushered into the Oval Office, where the prince and the president sat in the traditional chairs used for such dignitary meeting. And literally 20 seconds later, the White House press wranglers started saying “thank you pool.” That’s the cue to leave. After just 20 seconds! Often in cases like this leaders will say at least a little something like “I’m so glad to welcome…” or something. But this time, there were no remarks. The president and prince made small talk that was largely inaudible to reporters.”

The quick pool spray also featured an invasion of boom mics (cue the “Jaws” music):