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Viewers find Discovery’s lame ‘Eaten Alive’ snake stunt hard to swallow

Discovery didn’t do itself any favors with Sunday’s highly hyped two-hour special, “Eaten Alive.”

The kickoff to “Mega Week” featured “snake researcher and conservationist” Paul Rosolie, who was supposed to bait the world’s largest anaconda into eating him while he wore a protective body suit.

After 90 minutes of searching for said snake, Rosolie’s team settled on a different one. That snake apparently started to crush Rosolie’s arm so the conservationist pulled the plug and had his team pull the snake off of him.

It turned out to be another orgy of excess, like Nik Wallenda’s walk across the Chicago River last month. At least Wallenda did what he promised to do, even though the feat was padded in an excruciating amount of build-up.

“Eaten Alive” had all of the hype with very little payoff. People took to Twitter to complain that the only thing that was eaten alive was the two hours they spent watching this lame show.

Here’s a look at some of the Twitter reaction:

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