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LeBron James called for a ‘foul’ on Duchess Kate

Call it flopping by the Brits.

LeBron James got called for a foul on Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, after the game between the Cavs and Nets on Monday in Brooklyn. The King was doing a meet and greet with Prince William and wife Kate Middleton, but someone forgot to inform the NBA star of the “no hand-check rule” with royalty.

The British tabs didn’t take kindly to LeBron breaking “royal protocol.”

This from USA Today:

During their grip-and-grin picture op before the game, James wrapped his arm around Kate’s back, producing a surprised reaction judging from the pictures and the video. Which of course the British media rushed to put online.

The Telegraph, among others, pointed out that this latest failure of American manners echoed the one in 2009 when newly elected President Obama and Michelle Obama met Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace and FLOTUS put her arm around the queen in a gesture of warmth.