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Man charged with robbing Bedford Park bank last week

(BEDFORD PARK) A man has been charged with robbing a bank last Friday in southwest suburban Bedford Park.

David L. Stallings, 55, was charged with one count of bank robbery in connection with the holdup at the TCF Bank branch at 7400 S. Cicero Ave., according to the FBI.

Stallings entered the bank about 4:15 p.m. Friday, walked up to a teller and said, “This is what we’re gonna do” as he pulled what appeared to be a small handgun out of his jacket, according to a federal criminal complaint.

He showed the handle of the object to the teller, then closed his jacket, according to the complaint. He told the teller, “Give me all your money,” and, “Make sure you give me large bills.”

The teller pulled all of the money from the drawer and placed it on the counter, including bait bills and a tracking device, according to the complaint.

Bedford Park police responded and used the tracking device to follow the cash to 76th and Cicero, according to the complaint.

A man matching the description of the robber was spotted on a bus, according to the complaint. As officers approached, he told them the gun in his jacket was not real.

Officers found the cash from the robbery on Stallings during a pat-down, according to the complaint. A total of $1,411 was retrieved.

A bank teller also identified Stallings as the robber, according to the FBI.

Stallings, whose last known address was in Cicero, appeared in court Monday and Judge Susan E. Cox ordered him held pending his next court appearance, which has not been scheduled.

The bank was one of four Chicago-area banks robbed on Friday, according to the FBI. The other robberies happened in the Loop, Melrose Park and Glenview.