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Ultimate Chicago Gift Guide: Homemade Hot Cocoa

Eating local is all the rage. Why not shop local too?

Check back here every day for a classically Chicagoan take on the holiday gift guide. Here, you’ll find either a sophisticated or fun holiday gift item made by a Chicagoan, produced by Chicagoans, inspired by Chicagoans or sold exclusively in Chicago.


You know something is good when the ingredients list is short and sweet, and totally pronounceable. The Chopping Block’s Holiday Cocoa Mix includes just this: Callebaut Semi-sweet chocolate, Belcolade white chocolate, Valrhona cocoa powder, vanilla, sugar and salt. The salt adds just the right tang to offset the darker chocolate. Add it to a mug of steaming hot milk and you’ll be ready for cuddle on the couch. It’s also handmade and mixed, right in the Chi. $10.95, at the Chopping Block, located on 4747 N. Lincoln and inside the Merchandise Mart.

“This cocoa mix is just like your Grandma used to make,” says Chef Shelley Young, also the owner of the Chopping Block. “It’s rustic, full of natural ingredients with nothing processed. It’s best enjoyed with your family around the fire during this holiday season.”


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