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Lyons junior Sarah Aldrich unable to avoid spotlight

HINSDALE — The spotlight isn’t necessarily the place where Sarah Aldrich feels comfortable, but the Lyons junior can’t escape it with the lacrosse stats she’s posted.

She is Lyons’ leading scorer, stands top 10 in the state in goals and ranks top 20 in ground balls and ground controls.

“Sarah really stepped up when one of our seniors got injured with five games left on the season,” head coach Jim Moy said. “She took over with her speed, stick skills and her mentality.”

Aldrich said the pressure didn’t get to her in a negative way, but made her want to succeed even more.

“It’s really good for me and I’ll be prepared,” she said. “Next year a lot of seniors are leaving and I’m kind of shy so I need something to push me and make me step up for the team.”

Before Lyons lost to Hinsdale Central 20-4 May 28 in the sectional finals, Aldrich scored nine goals against Barrington on May 10. In 19 games this season she scored 62 goals with 21 assists.

“I feel really good about what I’ve done this season,” she said. “But what I’m really proud of about his year is that I have had more assists than last year and I’m glad my team has been able to charge up the field and give me so many opportunities to score.”

Sports have been on Aldrich’s mind from a young age. She started playing lacrosse in fourth grade and has also played soccer, basketball, water polo and volleyball. But she decided to stick with the lacrosse pitch through high school.

“I love sports, but I just like the athleticism with lacrosse,” she said. “I like the speed and it’s a really intense game, more than all of the other sports combined.”

Not only does Aldrich keep herself busy with school sports, she devotes time to volunteer work. One way is by helping with a lacrosse clinic for first- and second-graders.

“It helps me see what it’s like for coaches to teach,” she said. “And it definitely helps me communicate with my teammates out on the field. I just love doing it.”

Aldrich is planning to join a mission this summer on a trip to Costa Rica and hopefully will get an idea of what it’s like to work in the medical field.

“I really just want to help people,” she said. “I’m interested in pre-med and I think it’s a really good opportunity to serve the community and do some good.”