The morning after: ‘Bachelorette’ Andi, Josh and Chicago Nick react to that awkward sex question

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“The Bachelorette” runner-up Nick Viall said Tuesday he was “caught off guard” during the live taping of “After the Final Rose,” when he revealed that he and Andi Dorfman “made love” in the fantasy suite.

“I didn’t want in any way to humiliate her,” the Chicago sales account executive said during a conference call with reporters. “I feel very sorry if she did feel that way.”

In Monday’s episode, Andi appeared to distance herself from Nick, admitting that while she cared about him, she never loved him. (She’s engaged to her top pick, ex-baseball player Josh Murray of Atlanta.)

Viall responded by basically asking Andi why she had sex with him during their fantasy suite date if he wasn’t The One? The Atlanta attorney bristled at the question, calling it “below the belt.”

“I did not go into last night expecting to ask her,” said Viall, adding that “it wasn’t necessarily about the sex but the level of intimacy about that night.”

“I was so caught off guard by her demeanor … it kind of came out,” he said. “It was something that was weighing on my mind. I definitely wish I would have had the opportunity in private to have that conversation.”

Viall, 33, had tried and failed on a couple occasions to talk Andi after she dumped him. He also wrote her a letter, which she’d said she read.

What was in his missive? (You can read the full text here.)

“To sum it up, it was letting her know she made me feel,” said the Waukesha, Wisconsin native who lives in Chicago but considers Milwaukee home. “It talked about when things ended and some of the things she said to. It certainly had nothing to do with her and Josh’s relationship. I wanted to let her know just how much her relationship meant with me. I didn’t have any expectations to change her mind.”

Viall said he’s still “hurt and heartbroken” over the Andi situation, but Monday’s taping has helped him accept it.

“Last night was a lot of closure for me,” he said. “Just seeing her demeanor with me — I don’t know where that came from, even before I asked The Question.”

The account executive for, a global cloud computing company with an office in Chicago, said he’s looking forward to moving on with his life now that the show is over.

He said he wishes Andi and Josh “all the happiness in the world.” As for all three of them being friends: “It would be cool if we could all get to that point where it is possible.”

That might take a while.

Before Nick talked to reporters Tuesday, Andi and Josh fielded press questions on the call.

Andi said “it wasn’t the most tasteful route” for Nick to spill the beans about what went on behind closed (fantasy suite) doors.

Josh didn’t want to dwell on the subject, either, calling it personal.

He did have a few choice words for Nick, though: “It was very classless and disrespectful,” Josh said. “It just shows the type of person he really is.”

They weren’t the only ones talking about it Tuesday. On Fox News’ “The Five,” Fox’s Bob Beckel called Andi a slut. Here’s more on that (watch the clip) from Media Matters for America.

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