Jari Love’s latest DVD targets total body

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Jari Love, creator of the Get Ripped workout series, is back, and she means business.

Her latest, “Get Extremely Ripped & Chiseled” puts to work just about every muscle in your body. This is a good workout.

You can do this DVD as one long workout (and let me know if you don’t really feel it afterward) or as two 30-minute sessions. One concentrates on upper body, the other lower.

With each, after a brisk warmup, she takes you into a series of exercises, some using weights, some just putting body weight to work. Pay attention when she introduces her crew. Later they will be demonstrating alternative moves so you can take things down a notch or ramp it up. I really like the different options Love offers with her exercises.

During the weight work, the recommended size flashes on the screen. However, Love often reminds that you can drop the size down to avoid muscle fatigue or injury. If your arms are getting weary, do as she suggests. You can always work up to a heavier weight.

Also, do as Love recommends when she tells you to resist against gravity or keep your abs engaged. These little adjustments do matter. You’ll get more out of the exercises.

A little timer pops up on the screen from time to time to let you know how many seconds of some moves are left. Who knew seconds passed by so slowly? At least once, maybe twice, I thought, this timer must be wrong. It wasn’t.

I have a love/hate relationship with pushups; hate doing them, love how your arms tingle afterwards. The tricep pushup with Love certainly reinforced that sentiment. (Believe me, I’m going to have to work on those.)

“Get Extremely Ripped & Chiseled”  will really give you a workout, and I do believe that sticking with it, doing it a few times a week, will deliver visible results.

And here’s an added bonus from Love. She now has seven 30-minute audio workouts you can download for $8.99 each, so you can work out with Love at the gym. For more details, visit http://www.jarilove.com.


“Get Extremely Ripped & Chiseled” with Jari Love

Time: 65 minutes

Suggested retail: $14.99

Words to live by: Stay positive; you can do this. You’re strong.

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