Q-and-A with Morris’ Katie Friend

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What season goals do you have?

We definitely want to be above .500 this season. As a team, we want to play better offensively and be a lot better defensively. We’ve been focusing a lot on defense this year. We want to hold teams to 40 points a game.

Snap your finger and your game improves. What do you pick?

I would like to be a better dribbler and ballhandler. I’d like to be able to dribble the ball better under pressure.

Fans don’t know that …

I don’t know if fans really know how hard the practices really are. It takes so much running, conditioning, and effort it takes every second, every minute of practice.

Who is your celebrity prom date?

Probably Channing Tatum.

What’s the coolest Christmas present you’ve ever received?

The best was as a family we got to go to Florida. That was really fun.

Favorite sports movie?

Probably “Remember the Titans”. I really love that one.

Do you have a dream school?

Notre Dame. My family loves the school, and I’ve always really liked it. I think I want to keep playing basketball.

What reality show would you like to be part of the cast?

I think “Survivor” would be fun to be on. My family always watches that. Every place they go is really cool.

What do you like about Morris?

I love the atmosphere. It’s a smaller school so everybody knows each other. You can’t walk in the hall without passing a bunch of people you know. It’s just a great school.

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