Charger shocker

Thanks, DJ Bulldog.

Anyways, for the first time since events occurred that took me off the beat, I miss covering Dundee-Crown. I would have loved to have been given the opportunity to make the trip Downstate with the shocking Chargers this weekend.

I can remember talking with D-C center Charles Kimbrough immediately after last season, when the Chargers were a .500 team. Kimbrough was a dunking, shot-blocking machine. He always on the verge of taking over games, but rarely did. He said the club was on schedule in its plan to go Downstate this season. I couldn’t help but chuckle on the inside.

The Chargers were going to be good, there was no doubt about that. But State? It seemed ridiculous. Boy, was I wrong — as usual.

Led by Jeff Beck, who has always been an explosive scorer, the emergence of Marcus Henry and too many other solid role players to mention, D-C pulled off the improbable with a 64-59 upset of heavily favored Neuqua Valley in the Class 4A NIU Supersectional last night.

It’s funny how Jacobs, with all the great teams the Golden Eagles have had in recent years, was supposed to make all the history. But it was the Chargers who finally smashed down the door and became the first team from the FVC to reach the Final Four.

Congrats. I wish I could have been along for the ride.

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