Awards could be gone in District 209

SHARE Awards could be gone in District 209

By Tim Stablein

Proviso Township School District 209 is hurting big time financially these days, having to cut $10 million to balance the budget. One of the ways the school board is looking to save money is to eliminate the athletic awards given out at the end of the fall, winter and spring seasons. The cost of the numerals and certificates for both Proviso West and Proviso East is under $3,000. Another cost saving idea is to eliminate awards given out at any tournament either school hosts during the year, except for the Proviso West Holiday Tournament which is self-supported. Imagine finishing first in the 100-meter dash at the Proviso East Relays and not even being presented with a ribbon, which costs less than $1. The team champion can forget about a trophy. Good luck getting teams to come to tournaments at the two schools where no awards will be handed out. Here’s an idea. Why not eliminate an administrator or two or three or four? How about not giving out bonuses to administrators after they were forced to take two weeks off without pay. Where was the savings in that idea. Some have suggested closing the Proviso Math and Science Academy. Now there would be some serious savings. Why do things that make sense when cutting ribbons, numerals and trophies are so much more cost efficient. I can see why these board members keep getting re-elected. Good job.

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