And Eddie fell down laughing

My middle child has a football scrimmage in Buffalo Grove this week. That reminds me that I started my sportswriting career covering the Buffalo Grove Bills for a daily paper. So the young pup reporter was on assignment. My friend Eddie joined me. He was attending the U. of Illinois grad school. Anyway, BG was getting mauled. This Chicago team was crushing the Bills big time. Eddie and I were on the BG sideline when Chicago kicked off yet again following a TD. This time the ball was crushed. A low liner struck a BG player in the helmet. It caroomed right off the helmet and back towards the Chicago side. The kicker caught the ball and raced right past the startled Bills for another touchdown.

Eddie, now a physicist in New York, couldn’t stand it. He began to laugh hysterically. He actually fell down he was laughing so hard. Of course he was standing right on the same sideline of the poor Bills. Come to think of it, it was really funny.

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