Twitter Follies: Who’s the real Matt Rafferty?

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Two Matt Raffertys, one Twitter dilemma: Hinsdale Central’s Matt Rafferty (left) lives in Darien; Matt Rafferty (right) from Pennsylvania.

The Twitter universe is a strange place with it’s own language — check out #Hashtag from the Jimmy Fallon show at the bottom of this post. On Twitter, you can ask: “Who are you following and how many followers do you have?” It’s confusing.

One Twitter customer is having his own headaches. That would be Matt Rafferty, not the Hinsdale Central 6-foot-7 center and Division I college basketball prospect. An editor from High School Cube News is tagging updates on Hinsdale Central with the Twitter handle: @MRaff32. The only problem is Hinsdale Central’s Matt Rafferty wearing uniform No. 32 is not the same Matt Rafferty at @MRaff32.


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Matt Rafferty @MRaff32 is a 26-year-old bar manager from King of Prussia, Pa. outside of Philadelphia, a stone’s throw from Valley Forge. The Pennsylvania Matt Rafferty chimed in over the weekend with his own complaint about High School Cube News’ tweets aimed at his @MRaff32. Check out his tweet below:

Hinsdale Central’s Matt Rafferty uses a Twitter handle based on the number of his AAU uniform with Chicago LockDown. It’s @Mbraff11. Hinsdale Central’s Matt Rafferty is a junior with scholarship offers from Loyola, Northern Illinois, Toledo and Illinois-Chicago. Through 17 games this season, he leads the Devils in scoring (17.9 ppg), rebounds (12.1 rpg), blocks (28) and steals (35). Defending West Suburban Silver champion Hinsdale Central (13-6, 5-1) hosts a key game at 7:30 p.m. Saturday against Oak Park-River Forest (14-5, 3-3) to keep pace with first place York (19-2, 6-0).

Pennsylvania’s Matt Rafferty uses his former basketball uniform number in his Twitter handle. He even uses the No. 32 in his email address. When I contacted the other Matt Rafferty, he signed off his email as “The PA Matt Rafferty.”

The other 6-foot-3 Matt Rafferty coaches high school basketball at Pope John Paul II in Royersford, Pa. He also has coached an AAU team called the Perkasie Knights.

Rafferty even dished out some advice for Hinsdale’s Matt Rafferty:

I want to wish the other, taller Matt Rafferty nothing but the best of luck for the rest of his season and his college search. If I can give any advice, I’d tell him to pick the school that fits him academically. Make sure he understands that the game of basketball can open doors for him, and to take advantage of all that comes with it. Be a student first. There is a reason it’s called Student-Athlete and not Athletic-Student.

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