78 players from downstate, upstate and places you haven’t heard of

SHARE 78 players from downstate, upstate and places you haven’t heard of

By Phil Brozynski

Here are 78 players from “downstate” Illinois (although technically, places like Lanark, Orangeville, Moline and Rockford are more “upstate”) who will make somebody’s list by the end of the season.

(Apologies for not having heights and weights on all the players listed).

Mackenzie Allen, 6-2, Sr., MH, Normal

Samantha Bedard, 5-7, So., S, Breese Mater Dei

Megan Bergerud, 5-11, Sr., MH, (Ashland) A-C Central

Courtney Blair, 6-1, Jr., MB, Lanark Eastland

Kaley Boeckmann, 5-9, Jr., OH, Breese Mater Dei

Taylor Boyer, Jr., Belleville East

Megan Bunyer, 5-9, Sr., OH, Lanark Eastland

Emily Burger, 5-10, So., S, Bloomington

Kelsey Card, 5-10, Jr., OH, Carlinville

Kayleigh Cox, 6-2, Sr., MH, Freeburg

Morgan Criswell, 6-1, Jr., MB, Decatur LSA

Maddie Crift, 6-0, Jr., MB, Edwardsville

Maddie DePorter, 5-11, Jr., MB, Orion

Chelsea Derry, 5-7, Sr., S, (Sciota) West Prairie

Nicole DeVries, 5-9, Jr., S, Orangeville

Madison Dodd, 5-11, Sr., S/MH, Waterloo

Samantha Espensa, 6-0, So., OH, Edwardsville

Ashley Evans, Sr., Mascoutah

Tori Falter, 6-1, Sr., MH, Chatham Glenwood

Sarah Fetter, 5-9, Sr., S, Moline

Haley Fitzgerald, 5-8, Sr., OH, Decatur St. Teresa

Amy Fulk, 5-11, Sr., MH, St. Elmo

Megan Gendron, 6-0, Sr., S, Rockford Boylan

Jackie Gerig, 5-10, Sr., S, Normal

Emma Goldschmidt, 5-11, Sr., OH, O’Fallon

Dani Gooch, 5-7, Sr., S, Tolono Unity

Marley Hall, 6-1, Sr., MH, Warsaw

Abby Hanger, Sr., S, Belleville West

Cori Harris, 5-9, Sr., OH, Champaign Centennial

Abbie Heise, 6-2, So., S/MB, Jacksonville

Lindsay Herman, 5-9, Sr., OH, Metamora

Shanty Hibbler, Sr., Collinsville

Maddie Hogan, 5-6, Jr., DS, Freeburg

Kelsey Holman, 6-0, Sr., MH, Eureka

Chelsi Hummert, 5-11, Jr., MB, Freeburg

Abby Hunt, 5-10, Sr., MH, Buffalo Tri-City

Reynae Hutchinson, 5-11, Sr., OH, Mattoon

Cassie Ince, 5-3, Sr., L, Kewanee

Felicia Johnson, 5-11, Sr., OH, Fairfield

Jacqui Kane, 5-10, Sr., OH, Princeton

Sam Kassing, 5-9, Sr., OH, Freeburg

Elizabeth Kelly, 6-1 Sr., MH, Carlinville

Hillary Keltner, Jr., Belleville Althoff

Amber Koch., Sr., Highland

Hannah Kvitle, 5-11, Sr., S, Quincy

Brianna Lampe, 5-10, senior, MH, Metamora

Jessie Lantz, 5-8, Sr., OH, Rockford East

Morgan Leach, 5-11, Jr., MB, Champaign Centennial

Emily Less, 5-11, Sr., MH, Decatur St. Teresa

Kate Lindsey, 5-11, Sr., OH, Jacksonville Routt

Hope Linker, 5-8, Jr., S, Lanark Eastland

Shannon McLaughlin, 5-11, Sr., OH, Morton

Megan Moore, 5-11, Sr., MH, Hillsboro

Melanie Moore, 5-8, Sr., S, Champaign Centennial

Alison Mueller, 5-9, Jr, OH, Breese Mater Dei

Maureen Nesbit, Sr., Belleville Althoff

Me’Ashah Nicholson, 6-0, Jr., MB, Belleville Althoff

Claire Peterson, 5-11, Sr., OH, Dunlap

Chelsea Robinson, Sr., East St. Louis

Justine Schepler, 5-4, Sr., L, Sycamore

Brooke Schulte, 5-9, So., OH, Breese Mater Dei

Lauren Seyller, 5-10, Sr., OH, Bloomington

Macy Shupe, 5-8, Sr., OH, Toledo Cumberland

Westin Siemsglusz, Sr., Mascoutah

Heather Smith, 5-8, Sr., S, LaSalle-Peru

Molly Stephens, 5-8, Sr., S, Princeton

Brittany Stribling, 5-6, Jr., S, A-C Central

Nicole Strieker, 5-9, Jr., S, Breese Mater Dei

Carly Thomas, 6-1, Sr., S, Belleville Althoff

Mary Trimpe, 5-9, Sr., OH, Normal

Lauren Weathers, Jr., Collinsville

Kylie Welch, 5-5, Jr., S, Raymond-Lincolnwood

Charliesha Westbrook, Sr., Belleville East

Jessica Whitehead, 6-0, Sr., MH, Murphysboro

Michelle Williams, 5-8, Sr., S, Alwood

Stephanie Williams, 5-10, Sr., OH, Alwood

Laura Witt, 5-10, Sr., S, Freeport

Colleen Yarber, 6-0, Sr., MH, Freeburg

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