Erin Potts’ brief life an inspiration to many

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(Reprinted with permission from 1st Alliance)

“We are sad to report that Lions Juniors and 1st Alliance player Erin Potts lost her three-year battle with cancer December 18 at the age of 18. Erin had played for Lions Juniors and 1st Alliance from the time she was 8 years old. As a 15-year-old, she played for Lions 15-1. Then after making the First Alliance 16 Silver team as a setter, she was diagnosed with malignant sarcoma (bone cancer).

Erin started with Lions Juniors as a little cub at the age of 3. While most three-year-olds are out at the playground or running around at home with their brothers and sisters, Erin was running around with a volleyball in her hand at her older sister’s volleyball tournaments. At a young age, she loved the sport often dressing up as a little lion to help support her sister’s team. Erin was sweet, kind and competitive even then.

As years past and her sister moved on to a higher level of volleyball, it was Erin’s turn

to play. Having been around the sport since she was 3, Erin always played above her age group. As a third and fourth grader, she played with the fifth grade. Erin was well-liked and respected by her teammates and coaches for her extensive knowledge of the game and her competitive nature.

As she continued with volleyball, she was chosen as a setter because of her leadership skills, athleticism, knowledge of the game and big hands. Erin worked very hard in this position and became an accomplished setter.

Working with Erin was a joy. She pushed her teammates, always gave 110 percent and motivated her team with laughter, smiles and encouragement. When times got rough on the court, she pushed harder. She was a competitor from day one and hated the thought of losing.

When Erin could no longer play the sport, her love for volleyball never diminished. She came in the gym to work with her team and the setters as often as she could. Having been trained as a setter for so many years, she had much insight to offer young setters. She worked them hard and wanted them to be their best at all times. Her smile continued to inspire young athletes and helped make them better players.

We will miss Erin around the gym, as she was such a positive inspiration to us all. Her smile, laughter, competitive spirit, and insight will live on in the players, teammates, and coaches she so deeply touched.

Erin attended Lyons Township High School.”

And finally, this from 1st Alliance club director Sue Keck…

“Erin was a great inspiration to anyone who is struggling with a life changing situation, especially a young person.”

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