Call me naive but

There it is for all to see. Close to the Vernon Hills basketball gym. A clear sign rings out. It states quite clearly that 70 percent of Vernon Hills students don’t drink alcohol. As my late father would say, are you bragging or complaining?

Let’s say there 1,200 students at this fine school. Basic math tells me 360 kids are breaking the law. Is that something to feel good about?

Here are my memories. At about 9-years-old, I found liquor in my parent’s house. I took a sip of whiskey. It was terrible. That was my experimental underage drinking. Of course I had an excuse. My beloved Baltimore Orioles were the best team in the world and I was hooked. I guess it never came up. My friends wanted to play sports in the neighborhood instead of getting boozed up. Yes, I made up for it when I went to college but in Maryland the drinking age was 18.

Are there really more than 350 students illegally drinking at the school? And why is Vernon Hills advertising that fact.? We need to help those kids find something else to do. And where are they getting this liquor from anyway? Well, at least I’ve been warned to watch out for my young children.

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