Found the lost tape recorder

That was a close one. I knew I dropped my fancy Pioneer Press tape recorder somewhere. And then the call from the College of Lake County came in. It was safe. Naturally, I brought it home. My youngest got a hold of it yesterday and hit play. Of all things, some angry voices were on the tape. I listened closer and then it got really interesting.

Actually very disturbing.

What was being discussed at CLC was a case of simple discrimination. Somebody up there proposed that the athletic department was not to allow any more Hispanics to be recruited there. Huh? It was something about there were too many of those people on the school’s athletic teams.

I replayed the tape and naturally it was the same result. Since no names came up, I couldn’t point fingers at anyone for this bizarre and illegal policy. Had my recorder wandered into a CLC board room?

It was a bit unnerving if you ask me but I will still keep an eye on those CLC sports teams just the same.

The Latest
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