Alicia Keys wants the world to think about Chi-town

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Alicia Keys has the world on her mind and she’s penned a song that asks all of us to consider the bigger picture. “We Are Here,” released last week on Keys’ Facebook page, has been shared to nearly 150,000 pages and proves that there are plenty of people who are thinking positive thoughts about Chicago. Join the conversation with #iamhere

In part, Keys sings:

Let’s talk about Chi-town / Let’s talk about Gaza / Let’s talk about Israel… let’s talk Nigeria / and the mass hysteria / Our souls are brought together / so that we can love each other

This morning, she told Today show’s Matt Lauer that the song came about after a conversation with several people, in which many of them asked why are we here. Keys performed the song and answered that question by saying: “We are here for each other.”

Keys, who is expecting her second child withhusband Swizz Beats, is also back to rocking her fierce corn rows complete with old-school blue and clear beads. Watch the video here.


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