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Celebs around town: Jason Segel, Sophia Bush, Garth Brooks

Jason Segel, seen taking a selfie with a fan in Berlin earlier this month, was also spotted dining this week at Gibsons on Rush.

SEEN ON THE SCENE: Actor Jason Segel was spotted dining at Gibsons on Rush, while singer Austin Mahone and (separately) ex-Bear Patrick Mannelly were seen out at Gibsons in Rosemont. … Sophia Bush, plus a few “Chicago P.D.” castmates, were spied taking a break from filming and getting a much-needed espresso fix at the new Cafe Bustelo Pop-Up Cafe in Wicker Park. Now that the pop-up has ended its brief run here, it will again pop up in Los Angeles Oct. 3-12, and later will repeat in New York. … Seems Garth Brooks is a big fan of Giordano’s Pizza — requesting 10 stuffed and 10 thin-crust pies for his party at King’s Bowling Alley in Rosemont.