Ad has simple message: ‘Republicans are people too’

SHARE Ad has simple message: ‘Republicans are people too’

Vinny Minchillo is tired of all the grief Republicans get. So the ad maker from Texas has done something about it — by creating an ad campaign called “Republicans are people too.”

There’s also a website. And a Facebook page.

“Discourse is so nasty and mean,” Minchillo told The Washington Post. “It seems like it’s OKto say anything to a Republican. People say things about Republicans that they would say about a terrorist or thug.”

Minchillo’s bio at Glass House Strategy says “he was the first person to write an ad with the ‘I approve this message’ disclaimer.”

While a bit long, the GOP-themed ad has some great moments and makes solid points that are difficult to argue with.

For example:

Republicans put together IKEA furniture. Republicans have tattoos — and beards. Republicans have feelings.

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