Nick Jonas dishes on going solo, being a jealous boyfriend and his Chicago concert

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Nick Jonas might be rolling solo these days, but it sounds like he’s doing just fine all by himself. His self-titled album releases on November 11, and he will be performing in Chicago on October 2.

The concert, he hints, will be intimate and private. He’ll get up close and personal with the lucky ones who snag a ticket for the show at Bottom Lounge, on 1375 W. Lake. Perhaps, up close, his new, bigger body (he gained 15 pounds to portray an MMA fighter for new Direc TV show “Kingdom“) will wow the crowd just as much as his new, R&B-esque sound.

He’s also humble about his new direction. No frat boy antics or snippy “I’m famous” attitude during this interview.

“To have a career like Elvis would be ideal,” he says. “There’s some momentum on the acting side and on the music side. It’s just about tryingto get an even balance going. My goal is to be the kind of performer that can do both.”

Here’s what else Nick had to say.

On his Chicago concert and new album…. “I’ve really settled and found my sound and what I want to say. Now and then (you’ll hear) one or two covers and some old songs of mind. I”m trying to mix it up and keep it fun and really be intimate with my fans.”

On rolling solo without his brothers…. “For me it’s been really great to go and do the solothing and get my feet underneath in that way. I’ve had a lot of really great experience with my brothers gut I feel like I’ve learned what I need to learn to step into this solo artist life and accomplish my goals and kill it. It’s been great so far. It’s sort of a new day and age for me.”

On being a jealous boyfriend (cue the video for recent Timberlake and Chris Brown-esque single “Jealous.”) … “The song is based on an experience I had with jealousy. Somebody was staring at her too long and it got uncomfortable. Instead ofgetting frustrated I went and wrote a song about it. More than anything it opens up a conversation about jealousy.”

On working as the creative and music director for Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights tour…”Our friendship helped make it a pretty natural thing.”

Ongaining – and keeping? – 15 pounds of muscle… “For the role, really I tried to become the fighter. I feel like I’ve become a real fan of physical fitness and pushing the body. I don’t know if I’ll be going that hard [in the future] but I’m still trying to be health conscious. There was definitelyno ice cream [used to put on weight.] It was very low carb, no sugar. Justall protein, lean meats and veggies and thingslike that.

On his fav, must-have Chi-town food? “Lou Malnati’s. For sure.”

Cue the Jealous…

And cue the “Kingdom.”


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