Live blog: On location Monday with ‘Chicago Fire,’ ‘P.D.’

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“Chicago Fire” and “Chicago P.D.” on Monday took reporters on a tour of some of the shows’ iconic locations before finishing off the day at Cinespace Chicago Film Studios, where both of the NBC series are based.

At Cinespace, we got to mix and mingle with the casts — an opportunity I used to ask some of the many fan questions that came pouring into my Twitter feed as I tweeted out images from the day’s event. (Places we visited include the home of the real Engine 18 in Pilsen that doubles as Firehouse 51, the UIC police station used for District 21 in “P.D.” and Bucktown’s Lottie’s Pub, where scenes inside Molly’s used to be shot before “Fire” recreated the set at Cinespace.)

Many of you who wrote in with questions I answered individually on Twitter. Time constraints prevented me from getting to all of the queries, unfortunately, but read on to find out some of the intelligence I did pick up. Other nuggets will be used in future Sun-Times’ posts and stories, so stay tuned…

A lot of folks echoed the tweet below and wanted to know the status of Dawson and Casey.

“Their work is going to get in the way of their relationship at some point; I can feel it brewing,” Jesse Spencer said. “They’re mixing work and personal life and at some point it’s not going to go so well. I actually don’t know. This is just my own personal belief.”

I asked Monica Raymund, “When’s the wedding?”

“I have no idea,” she said. “If I’m on truck 81, you’re not technically supposed to be married. We’re working together on the same truck and he’s my lieutenant so we’re unable to answer that question.”

But if there were a wedding, I persisted, what kind of bride would Dawson be? Vera Wang dress?

“Girl, I don’t think she can afford Vera Wang,” Raymund laughed. “It’s more like, ‘Hey mom, you want to custom make my dress?”

Plenty of people wanted to know what it was like for the actors to film “Fire’s” emotional season premiere.

Getting choked up in that last scene wasn’t terribly difficult, Taylor Kinney said, because it’s not just his character (Kelly Severide) who misses Shay. Kinney misses the actress who played her, too.

“I miss her like crazy,” he said about Lauren German. “She was a great scene partner. Great actor. Someone to work with and someone to confide in. It was an honest relationship. We hung out off the stages, too. I didn’t take that too easy.”

Neither did Raymund, who saw German in person a few days ago in Los Angeles.

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“She’s doing really well,” Raymund said, calling German one of her best friends. “She’s got worked lined up. The girl is friggin’ talented and beautiful. She’s like a goddess.”

Getting back to romance, people also were curious about Det. Erin Lindsay’s (Sophia Bush) status with Severide.

“Tomorrow night there’s going to be some resolution there,” Kinney said. “You’ll see where the relationship is going and what’s happening. That’s on the back burner for now, I think.”

A few Linstead shippers will likely be happy to hear that.

“It’s great for the show that they tease it out,” Jesse Lee Soffer (Jay Halstead) said about the on-again, off-again flirtation between his character and Lindsay. “The longer it goes on – will they or won’t they? – the better it is. Obviously Voight doesn’t want it to happen. The fans … I think the more they can’t have it, the more they want it.”

We learned for the first time Monday that a big, three-way crossover episode is slated for Nov. 11 and 12 between “Fire,” “P.D.” and “Law & Order: SVU.” SVU Det. Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) will be headed to the Windy City for one of the episodes, while Sgt. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), Halstead and Lindsay take a field trip to New York in another.

“Knowing that Mariska will be here with us – it’s just kind of the coolest gig ever,” said Bush, who was involved in last season’s three-way crossover. This one is more elaborate, she said. “It’s intense. It’ll be deeply emotional for a lot of people.”


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